Saturday, June 19, 2010

Once upon a time

After trying for quite some time on hidden objects games, I'm bored.
So I started reading again. Well, I definately read more than 2 books a year hehe.
I still remember clearly how hard it was to find decent books as we used to live in a kampung where the closest library was about an hour drive away. But once in two weeks, a 'mobile library' (perpustakaan bergerak) would come and I would borrow two books each time I went there.

There would be book rack on each side, opposite each other inside of the bus. The librarian would be sitting in front of the bus, watching us as we flipped through the books. There was a wooden stool at the back of the bus (just in case). I would went alone or sometimes with my bestfriend, Dalila.

I couldn't remember any favourite English books I borrowed from the mobile library as there were many children books mainly in Malay. Writers such as Khadijah Hashim, Usman Awang, Othman Puteh, Ghazali Ngah Azia, Aripin Said were very popular back then. I would borrow any Othman Puteh's storybooks at that time. He was my favourite writer. And he still is. I think I had borrowed some Enid Blyton's books and my parents bought me some too. And yes, I did borrowed the whole Ladybird's Easy to Read series. :D

These days, it is hard to find Malay children books from Malaysian big publishers such as Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP), Penerbitan Fajar Bakti Sdn Bhd and Utusan Sdn Bhd like they used to. Well at least, there are a whole new wide range of Malay children story books in bookstores now published by PTS, Blue-T Kids, Telaga Biru, Pelangi and many more.

And yes, I still very much into children books and young adults books. :)

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