Sunday, October 18, 2009


Congratulations to SifuBestari aka Ahmad Kamil on winning the Educational Blog Competition. Hardwork paid off,kan?

And I've been enjoying life..I was so stressed out during ramadhan and raya, meeting datelines and sitting for an exam. So now I'm relaxed and play more games. I think I just sux at playing computer games because it's been 5 days and I'm still at Level 6. ugh. I've tried all DreamDay's games. I'm good at it haha.
So hey, do you think games will benefit school children? Or it is just a plain silly idea?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Art Education

It's hard to find a good Malaysian Art Educational learning website. Sorry to say, the Malaysian National Art Gallery's website is not much of a help. I simply was overwhelmed by its so-called services. There are links to non-existing websites. It's frustrating eventhough the layout design in good.

These links that I've pasted here are examples of how National Galleries contribute to the community especially students.

CHANGE!! We need change!!